Have you noticed that the best collectors'/bootleg CDs on the market have the name "Vigotone" on them?  Just about every release on Vigotone (or one of its subsidiary labels) features rare recordings, excellent sound quality, as well as packaging that puts "legitimate" releases to shame!

Since most bootleg sites (like the "Beatleg Project" site) collect only the CDs relevant to a particular artist, this site strives to compile and list every release on Vigotone and its subsidiary labels.  It's as complete as I've been able to determine, but if you know of any releases not included here, or if you spot any errors in the content, please let me know.

Also, you should know that Vigotone went out of business in 2001.  The titles listed around this site are not for sale.  While I may offer a few extra titles for sale from time to time (listed below), this site is primarily for information about Vigotone only!



August 1, 2018 - A previously-unknown CD variation of Vigotone 116 has been discovered.  Thanks to George S. for providing a scan of it for the site.

June 1, 2017 - I just learned that the site's old order form was no longer working.  It was likely broken since the last update (in 2015!), so if any of you have placed orders and never received a reply, now you know why.  I apologize if you had tried to place an order and was "ignored".  I never got your mail.

If you'd like to order any CD(s), please write to me via E-mail and we can take it from there.


For Sale:

As long-time visitors to this site know, I'm not related to the guys who made Vigotone CDs, nor are the titles generally available for sale.  However, I do occasionally come across Vigotone CDs, and if they're authentic, offer them here.  Below are some authentic Vigotones I've found in the recent (& not-so-recent) past, as well as some other collectors' CDs.

I've tried to keep the prices what they've been in the past, but Vigs are getting increasingly difficult to find...

Also, you might be able to find people at eBay selling "Vigotone" CDs for less money, but you'd probably be getting a fake.  I guarantee that the Vigotone CDs I sell are authentic.

Guaranteed Authentic Vigotone & related labels:


Click on pictures for bigger image:

Artist John Lennon John Lennon John Lennon John Lennon John Lennon John Lennon
Title Gone From This Place News Of The Day Serve Yourself Yer Blues Look At Me Imagine - The Sessions
Label Vigotone (VT-CD 01) Vigotone (VT-CD 02) Vigotone (VT-CD 04) Vigotone (VT-CD 05) Vigotone (VT-CD 06) Vigotone (VT-CD 07)
Condition / Notes

Very fine overall.

Very fine overall, but the front insert has some age spots.

Very fine overall.

Very fine overall, with some lights marks on disc.

Very fine overall condition.

Very fine overall.

Price $70 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50


Click on pictures for bigger image:

Artist John Lennon John Lennon Paul McCartney John Lennon/The Beatles Pink Floyd
Title Dreaming Of The Past The Dream Is Over The Knebworth Concert It's Not Too Bad The Knebworth Concert
Label Howdy! (CD 555-01) Pegboy (1006) Vigotone (VT-CD 15) Pegboy (1008) Vigotone (VT-CD 16)
Condition / Notes

Very fine condition, with a few light age spots on front.

CDR/ no-box version. Insert has a tab indentation & a couple of creases.  Disc has a few light marks.

Very fine overall condition.

First pressing (gold CDR).  Disc & inserts are mint.  Box has some marks/creases/dings.  Booklet cover has a tiny crease in the upper right corner.

Near mint. (The color fading you see above is just the picture.)

Price $70 $30 $50 $70 $60


Click on pictures for bigger image:

Artist John Lennon Brian Wilson
Title Imagine...All The Outtakes Sweet Insanity
Label Vigotone (VT118-VT120) Vigotone (Vigo 112)
Condition / Notes

Original CD version (3 discs).  Jewel case inserts are mint.  CD1 is mint, CD2 is near mint, and CD3 is very fine (w/a few light marks). Booklet has a ding in the lower right corner.  Box has some color rubs (see picture.)

Original CD version.  Front insert has a slight curl on its left edge.  (Jewel case is also cracked, but who cares about jewel cases?)

Price $150 $35

 EMS (Express Mail Service) is my EMS is a faster than regular registered mail, includes some insurance, and can be tracked online.  EMS fees start at $20 to North America & Australia, $22 to Europe, and $24 to South America & Africa.  Also, I send all Paypal orders via EMS only!  [Note: Japan Post raised their rates in June 2016, while eliminating the old (cheaper) 300-gram price tier.  The $20 base price to North America & Oceania now allows up to 500 grams.]

If you'd like to order a disc, please write to me at vigotonefan (at) hotmail (dot) com  (Be sure to use the proper symbols for "at" and "dot" and don't use any spaces.)




So, now that that is over with, on with the show!

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