Jewels And Binoculars - Disks 17 & 18

Bob Dylan








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VT-208  10 Tracks - Total Time: 64:23

VT-209  61 Tracks - Total Time: 69:54

May 16 - Gaumont, Sheffield, England

April-May  -  Various European Locations
1. She Belongs To Me   (3:56) Eat The Document Soundtrack
2. 4th Time Around   (4:37) 1-59. Scenes 1 to 59 (see book for details)
3. Visions Of Johanna   (8:23) Indexes (8/12/18/31/32/33/36/38/40/49/52/54/56/59)
4. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   (5:50) contain music.
5. Desolation Row   (11:28)   
6. Just Like A Woman   (7:35) May  -  London, England
7. Mr. Tambourine Man   (10:27) Eat The Document Outtake
8. Tell Me, Momma   (4:09) 60 - 61. Dylan and Lennon conversation
9. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat   (4:30)
10. One Too Many Mornings   (3:30) (Note: the "details" mentioned above happens to be a very

Line Recording

long transcription of the dialogue.   I'm not gonna type it out,
but if any of you have it, send it to me and I'll post it.)


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