The N.M.E. Poll Winners' Concert 1965

Various Artists








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Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert has the following information:

- Basic liner notes about what the concert was (reproduced below)


VT-166 - 24 Tracks - Total Time: 73:39

VT-167 - 19 Tracks - Total Time: 73:36

1. Introduction by Derek Johnson and Jimmy Saville    (1:11)


The Moody Blues

1. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond   (4:58)
2. Bo Diddley   (5:28) 2. Catch The Wind   (3:00)
3. Go Now   (4:18)


Freddie And The Dreamers

3. Here Comes The Night   (3:57)
4. Little Bitty Pretty One   (3:10) 4. Turn On Your Love Light   (8:09)
5. A Little You   (2:54)

The Searchers

Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames

5. Bumble Bee   (3:46)
6. Yeh Yeh   (4:13) 6. Let The Good Times Roll   (3:15)
7. Walking The Dog   (3:28)

Dusty Springfield with The Echoes

The Seekers

7. Dancing In The Street   (3:06)
8. I'll Never Find Another You   (2:36) 8. Mockingbird   (2:22)
9. A World Of Our Own   (3:51) 9. I Can't Hear You   (4:10)

Herman's Hermits

The Animals

10. Wonderful World   (3:01) 10. Boom Boom   (5:32)
11. Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter   (3:35) 11. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood   (2:19)

The Ivy League And Division Two

12. Talkin' 'bout You   (5:32)
12. Funny How Love Can Be   (2:58)

The Kinks

13. Sweet And Tender Romance   (1:22) 13. You Really Got Me   (3:04)
14. That's Why I'm Crying   (3:33) 14. Tired Of Waiting For You   (3:28)

Sounds Incorporated

The Beatles

15. Time For You   (3:18) 15. I Feel Fine   (3:55)
16. In The Hall Of The Mountain King   (2:45) 16. She's A Woman   (3:08)

Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders

17. Baby's In Black   (2:39)
17. Game Of Love   (3:25) 18. Ticket To Ride   (3:43)
18. Just A Little Bit Too Late   (3:16) 19. Long Tall Sally   (3:33)

The Rolling Stones

19. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love   (1:36)
20. Pain In My Heart  (2:04)
21. Around And Around   (2:24)
22. The Last Time   (3:33)

Cilla Black with Sounds Incorporated

23. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah   (2:26)
24. Going Out Of My Head   (3:14)


Liner Notes:

The New Musical Express, the British music weekly with the largest circulation, staged a series of concerts in the sixties featuring artists who topped their popularity polls.  The concerts, known as 'The Poll Winners', were all held in Wembley.  This two CD set documents the second to last Poll Winner Concert held on April 11, 1965 at Wembley Stadium.  An edited version of this concert was screened on ABC TV and networked throughout the UK on April 18 of that year.  This set was compiled from the soundtrack of the unedited master.


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