Heroes And Vibrations

The Beach Boys








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- Liner notes by the folks at Vigotone (reproduced below)


21 Tracks - Total Time: 39:55

Good Vibrations (B. Wilson / M. Love)

1. Instrumental track (1)   (3:42)
2. Toy piano   (1:48)
3. Fuzz bass   (1:45)
4. Rehearsals / instrumental track (2)   (1:09)
5. Tack piano / piccolo   (0:50)
6. "She's Already Workin' On My Brain" (mono)   (3:01)
7. "Hum-Be-Dum"   (mono)   (1:08)
8. Rarities mix (mono)   (3:35)

Heroes And Villains (B. Wilson / V.D. Parks)

9. "Fire" intro   (0:51)
10. "I've Been In This Town..." (instrumental)    (0:57)
11. "I've Been In This Town..." (w/ vocals)   (1:00)
12. "In The Cantina..." (piano rehearsal / final version w/ vocals)   (1:51)
13. "My Children Were Raised..." (vocal rehearsals)    (3:22)
14. "My Children Were Raised..." (w/ final vocals)    (0:34)
15. "Sunny Down Snuff..."   (final vocals)    (0:28)
16. "Dum, Dum, Dum" (end of "H&V Part One")    (1:28)
17. "Tag To Part One" (2nd version)   (1:18)
18. "Bicycle Rider" (main H&V theme)   (5:13)
19. "H&V Part Two" (revised version take one)    (4:17)
20. "Just See What You've Done" (final vocals)   (0:52)
21. Mike F**ks with the Formula(s)   (0:46)


Back Cover Text:

"Heroes And Villains" and "Good Vibrations", the two greatest works of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys' career, are examined on "Heroes And Vibrations", the taster for Vigotone's forthcoming multi-disc "Smile" box set.  Alternate instrumental and vocal takes for both songs, most in full stereo, are featured in breathtaking quality, along with studio chatter and other interesting items.


Liner Notes:

"Heroes And Vibrations" is a taster for future "Smile" riches to come from the good folks at Vigotone.  We're still in the process of assembling the best possible package one could hope for from these legendary sessions, but with public outcry for the release of this set at a fever pitch, we've decided to unleash a few goodies to give you an idea of what's to come...and we think you'll be quite pleased with what you hear!

The excerpts included here are obviously, given our title, from the myriad rehearsals and sessions that produced the best-known and representative tracks from the "Smile Era", "Good Vibrations" and "Heroes And Villains".   As with most of the tapes from this period, many of the tracks featured here are fragmentary and have been difficult listening on previous, lesser quality releases.   Here the material appears in stellar sound quality.  Most items are in full stereo, both on tracks that have only been available before in mono, as well as on several things never before heard.  In other words, you're in for a real treat.

So, with that in mind, savor a bit of the genius that was '66-'67-era Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and be on the lookout for the deluxe "Smile" box set - - - coming soon!


Note:  Vigotone never released the Smile box, and with them being busted by the feds, we doubt they ever will!


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