21 Little Ones

Brian Wilson




VIGO 151




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Jewel Case Insert / Back Cover:

The jewel case insert and/or the back cover have the following information:

- Basic track notes (from the back cover - reproduced below)


21 Tracks - Total Time: 63:56

1. The Spirit Of Rock 'N' Roll   (3:17)
2. Turning Point   (3:25)
3. Just Say No   (3:01)
4. Heavenly Bodies   (3:20)
5. Christmas Time   (2:49)
6. Walkin' the Line   (2:56)
7. Save The Day   (5:16)
8. Concert Tonight   (4:43)
9. Barbie   (2:00)
10. This Could Be The Night   (2:32)
11. Sweets For My Sweet   (2:22)
12. Too Much Sugar   (2:37)
13. Goodnight Irene   (2:40)
14. California Girls   (2:35)
15. God Only Knows   (3:10)
16. Surfer Girl   (2:00)
17. The Spirit Of Rock 'N' Roll   (3:54)
18. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car   (3:43)
19. I'll Bet He's Nice   (2:24)
20. That Special Feeling   (1:43)
21. Still I Dream Of It   (3:29)


Track Notes:

Tracks 1-6:  Unreleased sessions with Gary Usher.
Track 7:  Unreleased song from Sweet Insanity version one (not on version two).
Track 8:  Unreleased long version of song from Sweet Insanity version one (short version on volume two).
Track 9: Issued as a blue flexi-disc to promote the "California Dream" Barbie (A solo effort, though credited to the Beach Boys.)
Track 10:  Released on the For the Love of Harry: Everyone Sings Nilsson tribute CD.
Track 11:  Released on the 'Til the Night is Gone: A Tribute to Doc Pomus.
Track 12:  B-side of track 18.
Track 13:  Released on Folkways: A Vision Shared  Leadbelly / Guthrie tribute CD.
Tracks 14-17:  Live TV appearance hosted by Dion.
Track 18:  Single release from Police Academy IV.
Tracks 19-20:  Solo piano demos for the Beach Boys Love You album.


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