The Lost Pepperland Reel And Other Rarities

The Beatles








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Jewel Case Insert / Back Cover:

The jewel case insert and/or the back cover have the following information:

- Basic track notes (reproduced below)


20 Tracks - Total Time: 55:40

The Lost Reel (all versions in mono from the master tape)

1. All You Need Is Love  (Early mix with extended fade.)    (4:31)
2. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  (Alt. version with Boob singing opening lines.)   (3:31)
3. Good Morning Animal Noises   (1:39)
4. Intro Into Sgt. Pepper  (Crowd noise only, extended.)    (0:55)
5. Billy Shears Applause   (0:36)
6. Yellow Submarine   (2:44)
7. It's All Too Much  (Complete long version.)   (8:16)
8. All Together Now   (2:15)
9. Only A Northern Song   (3:27)


10. Hey Bulldog  (Mono version)   (3:04)
11. Mellotron Music No. 4  (Lennon sound experiment July 1968)    (1:47)
12. Penny Lane Overdub Session  (1/9/67 EMI Studio 2)    (6:32)
13. Good Morning, Good Morning  (Lennon home demo late January 1967)    (1:04)
14. Breakdown  (John and Ringo from Pepper session)    (1:46)
15. She Can Talk To Me 1  (Lennon home demo 3/68)   (1:22)
16. She Can Talk To Me 2  (Lennon home demo 3/68)   (1:54)
17. Across The Universe  (Lennon home demo 3/68)   (1:30)
18. You Know My Name  (Lennon home demo 3/68)   (2:46)
19. Chi Chi s  (John and Ringo 1968?)   (3:09)
20. Mellotron Music No. 5  (Lennon sound experiment July 1968)    (1:44)


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Liner Notes

Lost Reel Box


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