As Nature Intended

The Beatles







Note:  The first release of this title (on CD) came with a "backwards" jewel case insert (with the fold being on the right side).  The later CDR release came with an insert with the fold on the proper (left) side.


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Front Cover

Back Cover

Disc Variations:

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CD (No "M.I.A.")

Gold CDR (w/logo)


Note: There are two versions of the CD.  One has the "Made In Australia" notation and date.  The other version has neither.  There is also a regular CDR version without the logo.

22 Tracks - Total Time: 71:54

Apple Corps Rooftop Performance 1/30/69

1. Get Back   (4:08)
2. Get Back   (3:20)
3. Don't Let Me Down   (3:19)
4. I've Got A Feeling   (5:28)
5. The One After 909   (3:37)
6. Dig A Pony   (4:35)
7. I've Got A Feeling   (3:55)
8. Don't Let Me Down   (3:18)
9. Get Back   (3:17)

Producer Glyn John's First Master Tape Compilation

10. Rocker   (0:46)
11. Save The Last Dance For Me   (1:38)
12. Don't Let Me Down   (4:09)
13. Dig A Pony   (3:48)
14. I've Got A Feeling   (3:01)
15. For You Blue   (2:42)
16. Teddy Boy   (3:44)
17. Two Of Us   (3:32)
18. Maggie Mae   (0:42)
19. Dig It   (4:27)
20. Let It Be   (3:59)
21. The Long And Winding Road   (3:42)
22. Get Back (Reprise)   (0:47)


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