No. 3 Abbey Road N.W. 8

The Beatles








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Disc Variations:

CD (normal "M.I.A.")

CD (reversed "M.I.A.")

CD (No "M.I.A.")

Gold CDR


Note: There are three versions of the CD.  Two have the "Made In Australia" notation and date (one has them normal, the other has them reversed).  The third variation version doesn't have the "M.I.A." notation nor date.

Jewel Case Insert / Back Cover:

The jewel case insert and/or the back cover have the following information:

- Basic track notes (from the back cover - reproduced below)


18 Tracks - Total Time: 57:51

Paul McCartney and Donovan recorded during the sessions for Mary Hopkin's Postcard LP, Nov. 1968 - Jan. 1969

1. How Do You Do
2. Blackbird
3. The Unicorn
4. Lalena
5. Heather
6. Mr. Wind
7. The Walrus And The Carpenter
8. Land Of Gish

Early mono mixes (except #16) and takes recorded April to August 1969 at EMI for the Abbey Road LP.

9. Octopus's Garden
10. Her Majesty
11. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
12. You Never Give Me Your Money
13. Oh! Darling
14. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
15. Something
16. Because
17. A Huge Melody (part one)
18. A Huge Melody (part two)


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