Sweet Insanity

Brian Wilson








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Disc Variations:



Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture of Brian & Dr. Landy - no written info.


16 Tracks - Total time: 54:56

1. Concert Tonight   (0:16)
2. Something To Love   (4:01)
3. Water Builds Up   (3:21)
4. Don't Let Her Know   (3:42)
5. I Do   (3:47)
6. Thank You   (3:23)
7. Hotter   (3:52)
8. Spirit Of Rock 'n Roll   (3:28)
9. Rainbow Eyes   (4:21)
10. Love Ya   (3:08)
11. Make A Wish   (2:58)
12. Smart Girls   (4:11)
13. Country Feelin'   (2:43)
14. Daddy's Little Girl   (3:15)
15. He Couldn't Get His Poor Body To Move   (2:37)
16. Being With The One You Love   (2:32)
16b. In My Car (unlisted bonus track)   (3:21)

Tracks 1-13: The second version of the rejected second          Warner Brothers album.

Tracks 14-16: Rare B-sides.


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