Imagine - The Sessions

John Lennon


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VT-CD 08

411 916 24




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18 Tracks - Total Time: 71:05

1. Imagine  (Alternate Take)   (3:09)
2. Crippled Inside  (Alternate Take)    (3:50)
3. Jealous Guy  (Alternate Take)   (4:07)
4. It's So Hard  (Alternate Take)   (2:25)
5. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier, I Don't Want To Die   (Alternate Take)   (5:48)
6. Give Me Some Truth  (Alternate Take)    (3:42)
7. Oh My Love  (Alternate Take)   (2:26)
8. How Do You Sleep  (Alternate Take)    (8:09)
9. How  (Alternate Take)    (3:45)
10. Oh! Yoko  (Alternate Take)    (5:53)
11. Jam  (Session Outtake)    (0:40)
12. How Do You Sleep  (Rehearsal)    (4:33)
13. Oh, My Love  (Version 2)    (2:42)
14. I'm The Greatest  (Demo)    (2:38)
15. Well (Baby Please Don't Go)   (Session Outtake)   (5:52)
16. How Do You Sleep?  (Low Vocal)    (7:37)
17. Imagine  (Solo Piano)    (3:02)
18. San Francisco Bay Blues  (Solo Acoustic)   (0:47)


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