Serve Yourself

John Lennon


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VT-CD 04

412 12 132




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20 Tracks - Total Time: 68:06

1. Just Gotta Give Me Some Rock & Roll / Shoeshine  (Meat City prototype)  (3:42)
2. It's So Hard  (Alternate take)    (2:25)
3. Tight A$  (Guitar demo)    (3:20)
4. I'm The Greatest  (Studio rehearsal)    (3:58)
5. Woman  (Alternate mix, early vocal)    (3:22)
6. Julia  (Early home demo)    (2:57)
7. I Found Out  (Alternate mix)    (3:59)
8. How Do You Sleep?  (Alternate mix)    (6:05)
9. Beautiful Boy  (Alternate mix)    (3:20)
10. Corrina, Corrina  (Home recording)    (1:17)
11. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)  (Acoustic demo)   (3:16)
12. J.J.  (Acoustic demo - Angela prototype)   (1:12)
13. Watching The Wheels  (Electric "blues" demo)   (2:52)
14. Imagine  (Alternate version)    (3:10)
15. Steel & Glass  (Studio run-through)   (5:12)
16. Many Rivers To Cross  (Home recording)   (3:03)
17. Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love)   (Piano demo)   (2:36)
18. Serve Yourself  (Piano demo)    (6:12)
19. Dear Yoko  (Alternate mix)    (2:31)
20. Give Me Some Truth  (Alternate version)   (3:37)


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