Nothing But Aging

The Beatles



Vinyl Color

VT-LP 68


"Marbled" Grey


Special Features

Comes with "An English translation of the Italian narration from the Rishikesh tape" insert.

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Front Cover


Back Cover


VT-LP 68   13 Tracks - Total Time: 44:19

Side One   7 Tracks - Total Time: 21:38

1. A Day in the Life   (4:20)
January 20, 1967 - EMI - Tape reduction take 4 into takes 5-7/SI on to take 6
2. She Can Talk to Me   (0:47)
Early 1968 - John's home working piano demo for Hey Bulldog
3. Sour Milk Sea   (3:30)
Late May 1968 - White Album demo recorded in George's home
4. I'm so Tired   (1:51)
October 8, 1968 - EMI - Overdub track 8
5. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da   (2:54)
Late May 1968 - White Album demo recorded in George's home
6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps   (2:31)
Late May 1968 - White Album demo recorded in George's home
7. Strawberry Fields Forever   (5:45)
Early November 1966 - John's Home demos
a. Guitar demo   (3:47)
b. Guitar demo with organ overdub   (1:58)

Side Two   6 Tracks - Total Time: 22:41

1. Something   (3:20)
February 25, 1969 - EMI - Acetate of George's demo
2. Cry Baby Cry   (3:09)
Early 1968 - John's home demos
a. Piano demo - version 1   (0:48)
b. Piano demo - version 2   (0:48)
c. Piano demo - version 3 with unused bridge   (0:41)
d. Electric guitar demo   (0:52)
3. Jubilee   (2:33)
Late May 1968 - White Album demo recorded in George's home
4. Happiness Is a Warm Gun in Your Hand   (2:47)
September 25, 1968 - EMI - Take 65 overdubs
5. Circles   (2:13)
Late May 1968 - White Album demo recorded in George's home
6. Rishikesh Tape   (8:39)
Mid-March 1968 - Soundtrack from an Italian TV segment with the Beatles and Donovan in India
a. The Saints
b. You Are My Sunshine
c. Jingle Bells
d. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
e. Untitled instrumental
f. Blowin' in the Wind
g. Hare Krishna
h. Catch the Wind


The Insert (transcribed as written - bad grammar and all!)

The Beatles' - Rishikesh Tape

In the middle of February, the Beatles, their wives or girlfriends, Mia Farrow, who is Frank Sinatra's wife, Donovan, another idol of the English teenagers, and the famous California group the Beach Boys went to a four point institution in India to meditate with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Then Ringo and Mia Farrow left, while the others were still there.   They are at a place called Rishikesh, Surlayamaya.  We went to visit them when all of them were there, and we will tell you the story.

It is a story with some questions and suspense, and with some uncertainty of where the world of the Beatles is, but two songs are included.

In the film you don't see the tigers, but at night you can hear their roars in the forest, unless it was another good idea of the impeccable organization.

The trip begins at the outskirts of a place called Bombay, in India, and now arrive the Beatles.  They arrive with their guitars and their wives.  They then form a circle around their teacher and they decide how to spend the afternoon.

Sitting on the Gange River is a wonderful way to meditate.   It suggests the ocean.  Now we are going down to the sacred river for the ceremony.  The ceremony understands the offering of old and new songs.  Two of the songs that you will hear have been written in these days, but the chords are not there yet.  They took baths in the sacred water to purify themselves.

Well there you have it.  The Beatles and the Gange together, a big part of the history of India and some songs as well.  The result is a beautiful vacation, and meditation, no.  But the Beatles are intelligent, and once they are relaxed and have a fresh mind, they will find, of course, other occasions.

This is an English translation of the Italian narration from the Rishikesh tape.

1991 Vigotone Productions


Nothing But Aging is the "sister" release of Arrive Without Travelling.  Both of these titles were used when Vigotone compiled its Arrive Without Aging CD release.  About half of the tracks from this record were used on the vinyl release.  Below is a list of the songs that were used on the CD, and those that are unique to this record.

1. A Day In The Life
2. She Can Talk To Me
3. Sour Milk Sea
4. I'm So Tired
5. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 
6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7. Strawberry Fields Forever
8. Something
9. Cry Baby Cry
10. Jubilee
11. Happiness Is A Warm Gun In Your Hand
12. Circles
13. Rishikesh Tape  

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