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Vigotone's vinyl releases are similar to their CD counterparts, in that they feature unique packaging that set them apart from other bootleg releases.  (For example, how many other bootleggers include a package of incense with one of their releases?)  Vigotone used multi-colored vinyl for many of their records, which also makes them quite attractive to look at.

Vinyl Vigotone releases are very difficult to catalog.  This is due to the odd numbering system Vigotone used, not to mention the fact they released titles they never bothered to reissue on CD.  There are also some artists that Vigotone only released on vinyl (like Prince and Bruce Springsteen).

I'm sure there must be some titles I've missed, so if you have any info on the missing Vigo-Vinyl releases, please let me know.





Vigotone One

Dance, Music, Sex, Romance.



Vigotone Two

Studio Works (2 LP set) Bruce Springsteen c.1989

Vigotone Three

Greendreams (2 LP set) R.E.M. c.1989

Vigotone Four - 45

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Acoustical Oranges & Lemons XTC c.1989

Apple EP-1

appleep1tiny.jpg (734 bytes) Apple EP The Beatles c.1989

VT-LP 68

vt-lp68tiny.jpg (1355 bytes) Nothing But Aging The Beatles 1991

VT-LP 69


Arrive Without Traveling The Beatles 1991

Vigotone 70

vigotone70tiny.jpg (1238 bytes) Posters, Incense, and Strobe Candles The Beatles 1993


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Smile (3 LP set) The Beach Boys 1993


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