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Vigotone Three

c. 1989

2-record set


Front Cover

22 Tracks

1. Pop Song '89
2. Exhuming McCarthy
3. Welcome to the Occupation
4. Disturbance at the Heron House
5. Orange Crush
6. Turn You Inside Out
7. Feeling Gravity's Pull
8. Begin the Begin
9. Pretty Persuasion
10. I Believe
11. Swan Swan H
12. Flowers of Guatemala
13. Shaking Through
14. Finest Worksong
15. You Are The Everything
16. Academy Fight Song
17. Stand
18. Perfect Circle
19. Get Up
20. It's the End of the World
21. See No Evil (Fan club)
22. Academy Fight Song (Fan club)

Recorded: Orlando Arena, Orlando FL 4/30/89, w/ 2 fan club tracks


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