Dance, Music, Sex, Romance.




Other info.

Vigotone One

c. 1989

3-record set



Front Cover (partial)


Back Cover (partial)

Europe 1988  Small Club / Board Recording

17 Tracks

Side One

1. Instrumental
2. Dance, Music, Sex, Romance

Side Two

3. Just My Imagination
4. People Without
5. House Quake

Side Three

6. Kansas City
7. I Don't Care (Medley)

Side Four

8. Forever In My Life
9. Still Will Stand On Time

Side Five

10.  I'll Take You There I & II
11. R.A.D.E

Side Six

(Dortmond, Germany, Sept. 9, 1988)

12. Let's Go Crazy
13.When Doves Cry
14. Purple Rain
15. 1999
16. Alphabet St.
17. Positivity


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