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Apple EP-1

c. 1989

Two 7" record set - white vinyl


Front Cover
(first pressing)

Inside Left
(first pressing)
Inside Right
(first pressing)

Back Cover
(first pressing)

The first pressing of this title contained a gatefold sleeve that resembled a mini version of the White Album.  It had an individual serial number on the front cover, printed labels on the two white vinyl 45's, and a 13" x 8"  two-sided poster that was folded and put into the package.  Also, the cover's spine reads: The Beatles    Apple EP-1.

appleep1posterfrontsmall.jpg (6981 bytes) appleep1posterbacksmall.jpg (4512 bytes)
Poster (front) Poster (back)

This is the poster.


Front Cover
(second pressing)

(second pressing)

Back Cover
(second pressing)

The second pressing included a simplified sleeve, with the bottom folded up inside to hold the records in place.  The track info & pictures were moved to the back cover.  There is no serial number, no writing on the spine, and the inside is blank.  The labels are also blank...  The records should still be *white* (more on this below).

The poster may or may not be included when you find a second pressing.

If you find a second pressing (with blank labels), be sure to check the records' matrix number to make sure you have the right records!  MANY copies of "Apple EP" sold in Japan (& elsewhere I'd bet) came with records from the XTC release (also with blank labels)!  The XTC records were black, so if you find a copy with black records, be sure to check those matrix numbers!  You'll be sorry otherwise!


appleep1sideasmall.jpg (5006 bytes)

appleep1sidebsmall.jpg (5143 bytes)

appleep1sidecsmall.jpg (5009 bytes)

appleep1sidedsmall.jpg (5142 bytes)

Side A

Side B

Side C

Side D

In addition to the matrix number, the inner groove area also features a message (see chart below):


Side A - Matrix number: APPLE EP-1-A....."WILL THIS WIND...

1. Back In The U.S.S.R
2. Don't Let Me Down

Side B - Matrix number: APPLE EP-1-B....."BE SO MIGHTY...

1. Piggies
2. Julia

Side C - Matrix number: APPLE EP-1-C....."AS TO LAY DOWN...

1. The Maharishi Song
2. Not Guilty

Side D - Matrix number: APPLE EP-1-D....."THE MOUNTAINS OF THE EARTH"

1. Mother Nature's Son
2. Look At Me   

Note: I assume the tracks on this release are the same ones that can be found on 1968 Demos.


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