Someday We'll Be Known (1968 demo tape)

The Iveys




Spank 146



Note: This title has two catalog numbers.  The packaging lists this as Spank 142, but the catalog number on the disk itself lists this as Spank 146.  The matrix number on the CD (visible from the rear) is also Spank 146.  Since Spank Records previously released Spank 142 as part of the "Leggo My Ego" box-set, I'd say the true number for this release is Spank 146.  



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Front Cover

Back Cover



Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert has the following information:

- Complete track notes by the folks at Vigotone (reproduced below)
- A listing of who sang what (on the back cover) (reproduced below)


31 Tracks - Total Time: 59:13

Track Listing

Main Vocalist(s)


Tracks 1-24: Iveys demo tape, early 1968

1. I Believe (version 1) Ron 2:15
2. The French Song (In A Taxi) Ron 1:46
3. harmonizing Ron 0:25
4. "I hope you win somethin' on Bingo..." Ron 0:15
5. Man Without A Heart Ron 1:49
6. The Girl Next Door In The Mini-Skirt Pete 3:07
7. Turn On Your Lovin' Mood Ron 2:11
8. It Takes So Long Pete 1:30
9. unknown title (acoustic guitar) Pete 1:39
10. Handsome Malcolm (Tom practicing acoustic guitar) instrumental 0:46
11. Hey Baby Mike 2:54
12. The Leaves (acoustic version 1 (lyrics)) Tom 0:55
13. The Leaves (acoustic version 2 (vocalizing)) Tom 0:52
14. The Leaves (acoustic version 3 (lyrics)) Tom 1:23
15. The Leaves (piano version 1) instrumental 0:25
16. The Leaves (piano version 2) instrumental 0:22
17. The Leaves (piano version 3 (vocalizing)) Tom 0:45
18. Mr. Strangeways Ron 3:13
19. I'll Kiss You Goodnight Tom 3:08
20. Sausage & Egg Ron & Pete 2:11
21. Handsome Malcolm Tom 2:40
22. Another Day Pete 2:49
23. I Believe (version 2) Ron 2:18
24. Love Hurts Ron & Tom 0:51

Track 25: Iveys demo acetate, Early 1968

25. For My Sympathy (acetate) Pete & Tom 3:00

Tracks 26-27: Apple single (1803), January 1969

26. Maybe Tomorrow (mono single mix) Tom 2:50
27. And Her Daddy's A Millionaire (mono single mix) Tom 2:10

Tracks 28-29: Apple single (006 90.493), July 1969

28. Dear Angie (mono single mix) Ron 2:35
29. No Escaping Your Love (mono single mix) Tom 1:56

Track 30: from Wall's Ice Cream Apple EP (CT1), July 1969

30. Storm In A Teacup (mono EP mix) Tom 2:28

Track 31: from Apple LP (Sapcor 8), July 1969

31. Sali Boo (with wah-wah guitar intro) Ron 2:40


Case Back Text (grammar mistakes are as appear on the back of the CD):

As the story goes, The Iveys made a lot of demo tapes in an attempt to get a record contract on the merits of their songwriting.  Having turned down some offers because they weren't allowed to record all their own compositions, Apple Records finally gave them a chance to record their own songs.  In an attempt to write a "hit" song, The Iveys kept on writing and writing.  Only one song, "Maybe Tomorrow" came close to being a hit, while most of the others have been long since forgotten, but now one such tape has been saved from obscurity.  It's a good thing, because many songs are better than most of their debut album, "Maybe Tomorrow".  Here now is once such demo tape out of many that were made by IVEYS.


Track Notes:

I Believe (version 1)
A more polished version appears later on this disc.  This one features a more subdued vocal performance by Ron backed by Pete & Tom and lots of background talking.
The French Song (In A Taxi)
Ron Griffiths sings lead, backed by Pete & Tom.  The sound quality is not as good as most of the tape.
Ron trying to overdub harmonies with his own voice.
"I hope you win somethin' on Bingo..."
Ron talking into the tape recorder.
Man Without A Heart
An okay song sung by Ron.
The Girl Next Door In The Mini-Skirt
One of the better songs on the demo tape, by Pete Ham.  The ending section of the song was separated from the rest of the songs on the tape so we've created a Helter Skelter / Strawberry Fields Forever type "fadeback".
Turn On Your Lovin' Mood
An average love song by Ron, featuring some nice backing vocals by Pete & Tom, but ruined by a "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" middle 8.
It Takes So Long
A nice Pete Ham piano ballad still lacking a middle bit and a third verse.
unknown title (acoustic guitar)
This demo consists of just Pete playing rhythm acoustic guitar, although he can be heard singing a guide vocal away from the microphone.
Hey Baby
One of Mike's forgettable, early attempts at writing a song.  The redeeming feature of this demo is the nice & loud bass playing by Ron.  As with some of his later songs from 1974, this one is drumless.
The Leaves (acoustic version 1 (lyrics))
This composition in-progress by Tommy was attempted with acoustic guitar, and then piano (or maybe the acoustic versions were being taped over the piano versions).  The demo tape contains three acoustic guitar versions and three piano versions, none of which are complete songs.
Mr. Strangeways
Sung by Ron, backed by Pete & Tom.  This appeared twice on the demo tape in identical versions.  The second is included here because it is more complete at the end.
I'll Kiss You Goodnight
One of the best songs on the demo tape.  Tommy leads 3-part harmonies with Ron & Pete.
Turn On Your Lovin' Mood
An average love song by Ron, featuring some nice backing vocals by Pete & Tom, but ruined by a "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" middle 8.
Sausage & Egg
The most unusual song on the tape.  A "pub sing-along" type song, sung as a duet between Ron & Pete.  This demo features an unusual sounding trebley guitar riff, doubled with a regular sounding electric guitar.  The sound quality is not as good as most of the tape.
Handsome Malcolm
A raunchy guitar-based number by Tommy.  Also, appearing earlier on the demo tape is the lead guitar being practiced by Tommy on the acoustic guitar.  This demo features rhythm acoustic guitar, and loud electric lead guitar.
Another Day
Because of the tentative playing, this sounds like the band's first attempt at this almost finished Pete Ham composition.
I Believe (version 2)
A more polished performance of the same song which appears at the beginning of the disc.   The song features a sing & clap-along introduction.  Ron sings three part harmony with Pete & Tommy.
Love Hurts
Ron tests the equipment, then he & Tom relax by doing their best Phil & Don imitation for one verse using a staticky microphone cable.

Tommy Beatle


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