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   Special Features

Comes with a 32 page booklet and slipcase-style box.

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Disc Variations:

CD (blue & yellow)

CD (light blue & black)


The Booklet:

The booklet included with this title features the following information:

- Article about the Beatles in Sweden, by Mark Lewisohn (not reproduced)
- Paul's thoughts on Swedish girls (not reproduced)
- Article about the Beatles in Washington D.C., by Mark Lewisohn (not reproduced)
- Shindig: An on-the-spot report by Billy Shepherd (not reproduced)
- Article about the Beatles on Shindig, by Mark Lewisohn (not reproduced)


21 Tracks - Total Time: 52:20

SHINDIG - October 3, 1964
1. Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (undubbed)   (2:46)
DROP IN - October 30, 1963
2. She Loves You   (2:42)
3. Twist And Shout   (3:13)
4. I Saw Her Standing There   (2:53)
5. Long Tall Sally   (1:33)
WASHINGTON COLISEUM - February 11, 1964
6. Introduction   (1:26)
7. Roll Over Beethoven   (2:24)
8. From Me To You   (1:57)
9. I Saw Her Standing There   (3:51)
10. This Boy   (2:38)
11. All My Loving   (2:27)
12. I Wanna Be Your Man   (3:13)
13. Please Please Me   (2:39)
14. Till There Was You   (2:28)
15. She Loves You   (3:00)
16. I Want To Hold Your Hand   (2:48)
17. Twist And Shout (Inc.)   (2:03)
SHINDIG - October 3, 1964
18. Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!   (2:55)
19. I'm A Loser   (2:32)
20. Boys   (2:13)
21. Closing Theme   (0:40)


Box Back Text:

Spank Records is proud to present these three historic live Beatles' appearances mastered from the best possible source tapes for the first time.  Package also includes a 28 page booklet of informative text and pictures.


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