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SP-101 Unknown at this time....!  (It may not exist.)      
SP-102 sp102tiny.jpg (1218 bytes) 7 Years of Bad Luck Bob Dylan 1993
SP-103 sp103boxtiny.jpg (1277 bytes) Sessions The Beatles 1993
SP-104 sp104tiny.jpg (1156 bytes) The Peter Sellers Tape The Beatles 1993
SP-105 sp105tiny.jpg (1283 bytes) Thin Wild Mercury Music Bob Dylan 1994
SP-106 sp106tiny.jpg (1316 bytes) The Dylan/Cash Sessions Dylan & Cash 1994
SP-107 sp107tiny.jpg (1165 bytes) Peco's Blues Bob Dylan 1994
SP-108 sp108tiny.jpg (1331 bytes) Mike Love, Not War The Beach Boys 1994
SP-109 sp109boxtiny.jpg (1190 bytes) Shea!/Candlestick Park The Beatles 1994
SP-110 sp110boxtiny.jpg (1179 bytes) In Case You Don't Know The Beatles 1994
SP-111 to

These numbers don't exist...

SP-140 to
spank140-142boxtiny.jpg (1421 bytes) Leggo My Ego (3 CD set) The Beach Boys 1995
SP-143 &
sp143-144boxtiny.jpg (1444 bytes) Capitol Punishment (2 CD set) The Beach Boys 1995
SPANK 145 spank145boxtiny.jpg (1348 bytes) Atlanta * Munich * Seattle The Beatles 1995
SPANK 146 spank146tiny.jpg (1428 bytes) Someday We'll Be Known (1968 Demo Tape) The Iveys (Badfinger) 1995
SP-147 sp-147tiny.jpg (1678 bytes) Aloha From Hawaii (and Hollywood) The Beach Boys 2001
SP-148 sp-148tiny.jpg (1321 bytes) Alf Together Now The Beatles 2001
SP-148 Alf Together Now (Japanese Reissue) The Beatles 2003

Note: The cover of Someday We'll Be Known lists its number as "Spank 142", but the CD has the catalog number "Spank 146" on its label.  Since the CD's matrix number is also "Spank 146" (and "Spank 142" was released as part of the Leggo My Ego box), I'd say "Spank 146" is the true number for Someday We'll Be Known.


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