Slick-O is one of the most obscure labels in the Vigotone family....   It was only used to document audience recordings of Paul McCartney and R.E.M.  

The audience recordings weren't that bad, but not up to usual Vigotone standards.  The folks at Vigotone felt the recordings were important enough to document, but not on the flag-ship label.  So, enter Slick-O!

These are the only two releases on this label.





Slick-O 100-200 slicko100-200tiny.jpg (1122 bytes) Destroys Anaheim Paul McCartney 1993
Slick-O 1A/B Sweet Adelaide R.E.M. 1995


BTW, I've also heard of another Paul McCartney title: Wings Over Switzerland 1972.  This was not released by the original   Vigotone/Slick-O.  If it exists, it's not an official release!


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