"Repro-Man" was a label that Vigotone used to "reproduce" titles from other bootleg outfits.  It started in 1997 by ripping off titles originally released on the Midnight Beat label, as all the titles released in 1997 are copies of disks originally released by MB.  All Things Must Surface is a copy of Unicorn Record's All Things Must Pass - Apple Acetate

Even though Repro-Man releases were copies, the folks at Vigotone included bonus tracks which weren't on the original releases! 






rpm100tiny.jpg (1575 bytes)

Gone Tomorrow, Here Today The Beatles 1997

RPM-101 &

rpm101-102tiny.jpg (1438 bytes)

The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts The Beatles 1997

RPM-103 to

rpm103-105tiny.jpg (1253 bytes)

The Making of All Things Must Pass George Harrison 1997


rpm106tiny.jpg (1382 bytes)

The Making of James Paul McCartney Paul McCartney 1997

RPM-107 &

rpm107-108tiny.jpg (1104 bytes) All Things Must Surface George Harrison 2001


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