Last Flight (2003 Japanese Reissue)

Paul McCartney & Wings




VT-164 / 165

2003  (1998 on packaging)


   Special Features

Comes with miniature reproductions of Wings' 20-page "UK Tour 1979" program, a ticket from the aborted 1980 Japan tour, and the Japanese ticket order form.

Program (8.5cm x 12cm)

Ticket (4.5cm x 12cm)

Order form (8.5cm x 12cm)

Front Cover

Real CD (not CDR)

Back Cover

This is a CD "reissue" that was released in Japan in August 2003.  Word has it that it was produced by the same person who prepared Vigotone's 2000 & 2001 Japanese CD releases.

It doesn't include the original box or booklet, but it has very high-quality miniature reproductions of Wings' 20-page "UK Tour 1979" program, a ticket from the aborted 1980 Japan tour (complete with perforations!), and the Fall '79 Japanese ticket order form.  These bonus items really enhance this release and the small tour program really is cool to have!  (The program has perfectly legible text.  It's an excellent reproduction!)

The packaging uses the original's box art, not the inner packaging.  The jewel case inserts are printed on a slightly textured paper stock, unlike the glossy paper stock Vigotone used for the original.  The text on the front and back covers appears slightly "fuzzy", with the exception of the catalog number, Vigotone logo, compact disc logo, and the copyright notice which are sharp and clear.  The printing on the spine is also very sharp and clear.

Unlike the 2000 - 2001 Japanese CD releases, this was obviously not authorized.  But, is does include real CDs that closely resemble the ones released in Japan in 2000 & 2001.  Since Vigotone never released this on real CD (only CDR), this one it a pretty cool release to have.

The track times are a bit different than the Vigotone CDRs, so it's possible that this was remastered.

So, to conclude, this is not some cheap knock-off with poor graphics and packaging.  The people who prepared this one did Vigotone proud!

(VT-164)    17 Tracks - Total Time: 65:56

(VT-165)   11 Tracks - Total Time: 51:51

Glasgow, Scotland   December 17, 1979

Glasgow, Scotland  December 17, 1979 (con't)

1. Got To Get You Into My Life (3:49) 1. Coming Up (5:40)
2. Getting Closer (3:59) 2. Goodnight Tonight   (5:22)
3. Every Night   (4:33) 3. Yesterday   (3:41)
4. Again And Again And Again    (3:58) 4. Mull Of Kintyre   (8:30)
5. I've Had Enough    (3:25) 5. Band On The Run   (7:01)
6. No Words   (3:18)

Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea

7. Cook Of The House    (2:48) 6. Got To Get You Into My Life    (3:02)
8. Old Siam, Sir    (5:31) 7. Every Night   (4:25)
9. Maybe I'm Amazed    (5:37) 8. Coming Up   (4:15)
10. The Fool On The Hill    (3:25) 9. Lucille   (3:02)
11. Let It Be   (4:19) 10. Let It Be   (4:12)
12. Hot As Sun   (3:00) 11. Rockestra Theme    (2:41)
13. Spin It On   (2:23)
14. Twenty Flight Rock    (2:51)
15. Go Now   (4:17)
16. Arrow Through Me    (4:35)
17. Wonderful Christmastime    (4:08)


Wings' 1979 U.K. Tour Itinerary



11/23 - 26 Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
11/28 - 29 Ardwick, Manchester Apollo Theatre
12/1 Southampton Gaumont Cinema
12/2 Brighton Brighton Centre
12/3 Lewisham Odeon Cinema
12/5 Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre
12/7 - 10 Wembley Wembley Arena
12/12 Birmingham Odeon Cinema
12/14 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Hall
12/15 Edinburgh, Scotland Odeon Cinema
12/16 - 17 Glasgow, Scotland Apollo Theatre


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