Brandy Alexanders And The Wall Of Sound

John Lennon




VT - 235 / 237

2003 (2001 on disc and packaging)




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First, some background on the Japanese Vigotone CDs:

The collectors' CD market in Japan is very developed and Japanese collectors are very discriminating.  Collectors in Japan don't care for CDR bootlegs, instead preferring real "pressed" CDs. 

Vigotone's Japanese distributor was able to get real CDs pressed in Japan for the seven releases between Thirty Days and More Music For A Rainy Day:

1. Thirty Days - The Beatles - 17 discs - Vigotone label
2. Brandy Alexanders & The Wall Of Sound - John Lennon - 3 discs - Vigotone label
3. Goodbye Surfing, Hello God - The Beach Boys - 5 discs - Vigotone label
4. All Things Must Surface - George Harrison - 2 discs - Reproman label
5. Aloha From Hawaii (And Hollywood) - The Beach Boys - 1 disc - Spank label
6. Alf Together Now - The Beatles - 1 disc - Spank label
7. More Music For A Rainy Day - Jan & Dean - 1 disc - Vigotone label

When Vigotone went out of business in 2001, their Japanese distributor obviously had leftover discs waiting for Vigotone packaging to come over from the U.S.A.  But, obviously the packaging wasn't on its way and the discs sat in storage.

Fast forward to 2003:

The leftover CDs started to find their way into shops again, albeit in newly-created, non-original packaging.  Judging from the paper stock used for the Alf Together Now and Brandy Alexanders reissues, the same person prepared both (as well as doing the Last Flight reissue from scratch).  It's still unclear if the original distributor prepared the new packaging himself, but it looks more like he sold the discs in bulk to a different dealer who came up with the new packaging.

A different dealer was able to buy the leftover copies of Thirty Days (and was offered the Beach Boys & Jan & Dean CDs, but turned those down.  It remains to be seen what happened to the All Things Must Surface CDs...)


For someone who just wants to get the original Japanese CDs, this set is OK.  But, if you are looking for the deluxe packaging that set Vigotone apart from most other outfits, the original is what you want.  This set includes only the 3 CDs, inside a wide jewel case.  There is no box, nor booklet.

Out of the recent Japanese reissues of the 2000/2001 CDs, this set is the most disappointing....


VT-235  20 Tracks - Total Time: 69:35

John Lennon Sings The Great Rock & Roll Hits - Roots

Adam VIII (A8018) available by mail-order February / March 1975

1. Be-Bop-A-Lula   (2:40)
2. Ain't That A Shame   (2:41)
3. Stand By Me   (3:34)
4. Sweet Little Sixteen   (3:06)
5. Rip It Up / Ready Teddy   (1:36)
6. Angel Baby   (3:11)
7. Do You Want To Dance   (3:08)
8. You Can't Catch Me   (4:11)
9. Bony Moronie   (3:55)
10. Peggy Sue   (2:07)
11. Medley: a) Bring It On Home To Me  b) Send Me Some Loving    (3:43)
12. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:23)
13. Be My Baby   (4:38)
14. Ya Ya   (2:21)
15. Just Because   (4:29)

With Elton John

rehearsal Record Plant, East New York 11/24/74

16. I Saw Her Standing There   (3:22)

Madison Square Garden 11/28/74

17. Whatever Gets You Through The Night   (4:50)
18. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds   (6:15)
19. I Saw Her Standing There   (3:32)

B-side of Elton John 45 "Philadelphia Freedom" released 2/75

20. I Saw Her Standing There   (3:53)


VT-236  22 Tracks - Total Time: 70:39

Rough Mixes

from the Spector sessions

1. Be My Baby   (6:17)
2. Just Because   (6:09)

from the Lennon sessions

3. You Can't Catch Me   (4:01)
4. Sweet Little Sixteen   (4:38)
5. Bony Moronie   (3:57)
6. Medley: a) Rip It Up   b) Ready Teddy   (1:35)
7. Ain't That A Shame   (2:34)
8. Peggy Sue   (2:06)
9. Be My Baby   (5:47)

Offline Rough Mixes

from the Lennon sessions

10. Stand By Me / Be-Bop-A-Lula   (2:43)
11. Ya Ya   (2:30)
12. Do You Want To Dance   (0:20)
13. Do You Want To Dance   (3:35)
14. Stand By Me   (3:58)
15. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:24)
16. Medley: a) Rip It Up   b) Ready Teddy   (1:39)
17. Medley: a) Bring It On Home To Me  b) Send Me Some Loving    (2:06)
18. Medley: a) Bring It On Home To Me  b) Send Me Some Loving    (3:43)
19. Peggy Sue   (2:08)
20. Ain't That A Shame   (2:50)
21. Stand By Me   (0:53)
22. Radio Spot   (1:06)

Unlisted Bonus Track

23. Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)   (w/Mick Jagger vocal)   (3:40)


VT-237  32 Tracks - Total Time: 71:22

"Sunnyview" Rehearsals

Ghent, New York - October 1974

1. Medley: a) Bring It On Home To Me  b) Send Me Some Loving    (3:46)
2. Ya Ya   (0:19)
3. Ya Ya  (2:26)
4. That'll Be The Day   (0:09)
5. That'll Be The Day   (2:23)
6. Do You Want To Dance   (3:29)
7. Stand By Me   (3:41)
8. Peggy Sue   (2:13)
9. Be-Bop-A-Lula   (1:58)
10. Slippin' And Slidin'   (1:56)
11. Instrumental   (2:01)
12. Thirty Days   (1:29)
13. C'mon Everybody   (2:16)
14. Ain't That A Shame   (0:28)
15. Ain't That A Shame   (1:54)
16. Ain't That A Shame   (0:18)
17. Ain't That A Shame   (1:16)
18. Instrumental   (0:11)
19. Instrumental   (0:38)

Salute To Sir Lew The Master Showman

Waldorf Astoria - New York - Taped 4/18/75

Audience recording

20. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:34)
21. Stand By Me   (3:39)
22. Imagine   (3:03)

Broadcast versions

23. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:22)
24. Imagine   (3:10)

Commercial version

25. Imagine   (3:15)

The Old Grey Whistle Test

Promos for the BBC filmed at the Record Plant East New York - March 1975

stereo mix

26. Stand By Me   (4:10)

instrumental backing

27. Slippin' And Slidin'   (1:36)

take two

28. Stand By Me   (4:25)

raw version with count-in

29. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:27)

broadcast versions

30. Stand By Me   (3:55)
31. Slippin' And Slidin'   (2:28)

interview by Jean-Francois Vallee 4/7/75 for French TV

32. Lady Marmalade   (1:27)


Package Back Text

"You Should'a Been There"?  With Brandy Alexanders and the Wall Of Sound, you are there!
This three-CD set brings into focus for the first time John Lennon's legendary Rock 'N' Roll sessions, both with and without producer Phil Spector.  A document of a troubled time in John's life, this collection shows both the peaks and valleys in an extraordinary year and a half of work from October 1973 (when the project began) until February 1975 (when the album was finally issued).  Highlights include several tracking sessions, rehearsals and live performances from the era, creating a fully rounded audio picture.  Also included in its entirety is the Adam VIII Roots LP in its finest quality to date.


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