Y Kant Tori Read

Tori Amos







Note: I've used the CD's matrix number as the official catalog number.  The back of the packaging lists it as "001-2XTRQ" and the spine has it as "001  PACIFIC".

Also, the booklet is a bit larger than the jewel case.  This causes minor creasing of its spine.


Front Cover

Back Cover

Disc Variations:


"Silver" CDR

16 Tracks - Total Time - 69:10

1.  The Big Picture   (4:22)
2.  Cool On Your Island   (4:59)
3.  Fayth   (4:26)
4.  Fire On The Side   (4:55)
5.  Pirates   (4:16)
6.  Floating City   (5:21)
7.  Heart Attack At 23   (5:15)
8.  On The Boundary   (4:42)
9.  You Go To My Head   (4:01)
10. Etienne Trilogy   (7:00)
      a)The Highlands
      c)Skyeboat Song


11. Ode To The Banana King (Part One)   (4:06)
12. Song For Eric   (1:55)
13. Happy Phantom (Live)   (3:38)
14. Ring My Bell   (4:38)
15. The Happy Worker   (4:23)

16. Workers   (1:13)

Tracks 1-10 from the YKTR album
Tracks 11-13 from the SATY Ltd edition Single
Track 14 From the Ruby Trax 3CD compilation
Tracks 15 & 16 From the Toys Original Soundtrack.


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