From 1998 to 2000, Vigotone employed the power of naked ladies to make sure their CDs were the best they could be!  Unlike other outfits, Vigotone knew that if naked ladies assembled their product, the quality would be superior to anything else on the market!  (And for the record, fully-clad women would have done the job just as well!)

These are all of the naked lady ads Vigotone used to promote its titles.




Title(s) being advertised

Ad Location



VT-158 to 160 Absolute Elsewhere Gerta What You Been A-Missin' Booklet 1998
VT-161 & 162 When It Rains, It Pours Ada The Get Back Journals II Booklet 1998
VT-164 & 165 Last Flight Gerta What You Been A-Missin' Tray Liner 1998
VT-174 The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration Irmagarde Last Flight Tray Liner 1998
VT-175 to 177 Listen To This... Francis & Shauna The Unissued Elvis 1956-1958 Booklet 1998
VT-178 & 179 Turn Me On Dead Man Marcelle & Lulu 12 Arnold Grove Booklet 1999
VT-180 Another Sessions...Plus Bobbie-Sue (no title being advertised) Booklet 1999
VT-181 Through Many Years Babbette (no title being advertised) Booklet 1999
VT-182 Get Back - The Glyn Johns Final Compilation Eugenia The Dream Is Over
Landlocked / Adult Child
Booklet 1999
VT-183 & 184 From Kinfauns to Chaos Loretta Turn Me On Dead Man Tray Liner 1999
VT-189 & 190 Pizza And Fairy Tales Starletta Turn Me On Dead Man Tray Liner 2000



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