Madman was a label created to release recordings that weren't up to usual Vigotone standards, but important enough to document.

These four titles are the only ones released on Madman:





Madman 13 &
madman13-14boxtiny.jpg (1475 bytes) Wildcat! (2 CD set) The Beatles (Beatals) 1996
Madman 41 madman41tiny.jpg (1366 bytes) Had It All Nirvana 1996
Madman 72 madman72tiny.jpg (1441 bytes) Got Any Toothpicks? Wings 1998

Madman 98

madman98tiny.jpg (1193 bytes) Sweet Marie Bob Dylan 1998


Note: A few Beatle bootleg sites list a McCartney collection entitled "New Moon Over Macca" (MM-1004-1/6) as an authentic Madman/Vigotone.  It's not.  These four titles are the only authentic Madman releases.


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