This was an early Vigotone subsidiary.  Three of the first four releases were later released under the Vigotone banner, with similar packaging (except the Vigotone release of The 1968 Demos came in a slipcase-style box).  Mind Games (Alternates and Demos) eventually became part of the Absolute Elsewhere box set.





CD-555-01 cd55501tiny.jpg (1280 bytes) Dreaming Of The Past John Lennon 1991
CD-555-02 cd55502tiny.jpg (1157 bytes) My Love Will Turn You On John Lennon 1991
CD-555-03 cd55503tiny.jpg (1275 bytes) Mind Games (Alternates and Demos) John Lennon 1991
CD-555-04 The 1968 Demos The Beatles 1991
CD-555-05 Rocking In The Free World Neil Young 1991
CD-555-06 Isn't Life Strange The Moody Blues 1991
CD-555-07 Love and Squalor R.E.M. 1991
CD-555-08 Horton Hears The Who The Who 1991
CD-555-09 The Lifehouse Demos Pete Townshend 1991
CD-555-10 Shake 'Em On Down The Black Crowes 1991
CD-555-11 Talking To Angels The Black Crowes 1991
CD-555-12 cd55512tiny.jpg (1410 bytes) In Steppin' Stevie Ray Vaughan 1991
CD-555-13 Live Pumpin' Aerosmith 1991
CD-555-14 No More Teacher's Dirty Looks Alice Cooper 1991
CD-555-15 Enemies Within and Beyond Rush 1991
CD-555-16 Coupla' Shots Of Whisky Grateful Dead 1991
CD-555-17 Jumpin' Jack Flash Guns 'N' Roses 1991
CD-555-18 cd55518tiny.jpg (1458 bytes) The Garden Guns 'N' Roses 1991
CD-555-19 Rock and Roll Stars R.E.M. 1991


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