Rock and Roll Stars





CD 555-19




Front Cover

Back Cover



Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture - no written info.


20 Tracks

Recorded: Seattle, WA - June 27, 1984

1. Moral Kiosk
2. Hyena
3. Camera
4. Pilgrimage
5. Talk About The Passion
6. 7 Chinese Brothers
7. S. Central Rain
8. Pretty Persuasion
9. Gardening At Night
10. 9-9
11. Wind Out
12. Old Man Kinsey
13. Radio Free Europe
14. Little America
15. Burning Down
16. Pale Blue Eyes
17. 1,000,000
18. So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star
19. Carnival Of Sorts
20. Skank

Note: CD is mastered from a vinyl source.


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