The Garden

Guns 'N' Roses




CD 555-18




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Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture - no written info.


14 Tracks - Total Time: 67:00

1. The Garden   (5:05)

2. Don't Cry   (4:40)
3. Yesterdaze   (3:40)
4. Sentimental Movie   (4:43)
5. Bad Obsession   (5:07)
6. Crash Diet   (4:50)
7. Anything Goes   (5:10)
8. Bring It Back Home   (5:41)
9. Back Off Bitch   (4:51)
10. Instrumental   (3:25)
11. Move To The City   (3:46)
12. Too Much Too Soon   (6:30)
13. Just Another Sunday   (4:34)
14. Welcome To The Jungle   (4:58)

Demos For '91 LP and bonus tracks


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