Coupla' Shots Of Whisky

Grateful Dead




CD 555-16



CD 555-16



Note: This seems to be the only Howdy title to be reissued by Vigotone on CDR.  The 1997 reissue packaging is slightly different than the original 1991 packaging
(There are copies of 1968 Demos on CDR, but while the packaging is Howdy, the CDRs have "Vigotone 100" on them.)



Front Cover (1991)

Back Cover (1991 Original)


Front Cover (1997)

Back Cover (1997 reissue)

Disc Variations:

CD (1991 Original)

Gold CDR (1997)

CDR (1997)

Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture - no written info.


9 Tracks - Total Time: 67:27

1. Alabama Get Away
2. Promised Land
3. Terrapin Station
4. Playing In The Band
5. Uncle John's Band
6. Stranger
7. Althea
8. All New Minglewood Blues
9. Broke Down Palace

Live in New York City 1980 - Soundboard Recording


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