In Steppin'

Stevie Ray Vaughan




CD 555-12




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Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture - no written info.


11 Tracks - Total Time: 66:25

1. House Is A Rockin'   (2:380
2. Tightrope   (5:40)
3. Little Sister   (5:31)
4. Let Me Love You   (3:12)
5. Leave My Little Girl Alone   (6:09)
6. Riviera Paradise   (10:20)
7. Wall Of Denial   (5:45)
8. Superstition   (4:51)
9. Cold Shot    (6:36)
10. Crossfire   (4:05)
11. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)   (11:38)


Songs were recorded in Albuquerque, NM on November 28, 1989 and Denver, CO on November 29, 1989.


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