Isn't Life Strange

The Moody Blues




CD 555-06




Front Cover

Back Cover



Jewel Case Insert:

The jewel case insert only has a picture - no written info.


10 Tracks - Total Time: 50:03

1. Gemeni Dream   (4:02)
2. The Story In Your Eyes   (3:52)
3. Tuesday Afternoon   (4:23)
4. The Voice   (5:15)
5. Stepping In A Slide Zone   (4:33)
6. Isn't Life Strange   (6:17)
7. I'm Just Singer   (4:38)
8. Nights In White Satin   (6:06)
9. Question   (6:43)
10. Ride My See Saw   (4:14)

- Recorded Live 82 FM -

Note: I'm sure the song listings have typographical errors, but they are reproduced as they are on the cover.

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