Basically, there are two types of fake Vigotones.

The first, most common type are "reissues" by other bootleggers of titles originally released by Vigotone.  These fakes usually don't have the special packaging that set Vigotones apart in the first place.  Info on these fakes, including a guide to help you prevent getting burned, can be seen here:

Real vs. Fake Vigotones


A second type of fake has become more prominent recently.  Some bootleggers have begun using the Vigotone name in an attempt to trick people into buying titles never released by the original Vigotone company.  These fakes may look like authentic releases, but their contents may be way below the usual quality Vigotone is famous for.  The packaging of these fakes is also quite shoddy looking.  You can see info on these unique fakes here:

"Original" Fakes


So, be careful when you buy Vigotones, especially when you buy them off eBay, as eBay is the place where most of the fakes turn up.   Many of the dealers selling the knockoffs are hoping that their customers don't know a fake from a legitimate release.  Most of these dealers just don't care.  I wrote to one dealer to let him know that the CD he was selling as a "real Vigotone" was a copy.  This is what I sent him:

Just so you know, the copy of ****
(to protect the identity of the seller- though Lord knows why!) you are selling is actually a fake...

The original Vigotone release *was* actually a CDR and came in a slipcase box with a booklet.  By the time Vigotone released it, ALL of their releases were on CDR.

This site has more info about this release:
Just thought you'd want to know...

This is what I got back:

Not interested in the wherabouts.  If someone wants to buy it, they will.
You can call it fake, I call it real.  Simple as that.  I only claim this to
be an original silver pressed cd which it is 100%.  And besides, I don't
care who puts it out, I will not sell cdr's.  Regards.

I guess the dealer was still in a grumpy mood, so a few minutes later I got this:

Hi again, from what I see, there are plenty of Vigotone releases in
2001.  And in addition, many times has a recording been issued first a
certain way and then another.  The cd even says vt and whatever the number
is on the back.  I guarantee you this is not a fake, but a re-release which
is still an original.  So do me a favor and don't go around saying my stuff
is fake when it is not and you do not have the complete answer.  Regards

About three minutes after the last letter, he then sent me this (and a link to my site):

My supplier got these from Japan. These are authentic Vigotones.


So, now that my dander was up, I sent him back this letter:

First of all, I wrote you *one* letter.  I'm not "going around saying your
stuff is fake", nor do I plan to!

Secondly, I live in Japan and Vigotone.com is MY site!  So I know what I'm talking about! 
I have every release they put out so I know what's
real and what's not...  I wasn't trying to start a fight with you, I only
wanted you to know that the CD is not the "real deal" as you claim it to be.

BTW, the silver CD Vigotone releases in Japan were in *original* Vigotone
packaging.  The CD you're selling is not in original Vigotone packaging.
You can debate me all you want to, but the fact of the matter is it's not.
Vigotone got busted last year and since the time they went away, a lot of
other bootleggers have reissued their stuff.  All of the reissues are on
silver CDs, but they have different packaging.

Here's an example (scroll to the bottom of the page):

The same "fake" CD can be seen on this site too (in case you think I made it
http://faab.pro.tok2.com/vigotone/vigotone/vt183184fk.html (update: as of 8/04, the FAAB site is gone...)

The original ***** can also be seen on this person's site
(note that the artwork is not the same as the one you're selling):
http://faab.pro.tok2.com  (update: as of 8/04, the FAAB site is gone...)

The original artwork can also be seen on this site (including hi-res scans):

So, to conclude, I do "have the complete answer".  The CD you are selling is
a fake.


I then got this letter back:

The cd is an original.  I don't care what you say.  Good luck to you.


So, be careful out there!  There are many dealers who have no qualms about conning you out of your hard earned cash!  (BTW, I don't bother writing to people knocking off CDR copies.  I wrote to this guy because his auction was written to make it seem like this was a legitimate Vigotone release.  He was (is) also selling other fake Vigotones!)


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