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Since there are many Vigotone knockoffs out there, I keep getting requests to post scans of the CDs & CDRs themselves.  People want to see what an "official" Vigotone CD looks like before spending their hard earned money on a potential fake.

On these pages you will find scans of regular CDs, CDRs, and something I call "silver CDRs".  Silver CDRs have printed labels and look very much like real CDs.  They also scan very poorly.  In some cases I've cut and pasted different scans of the same silver CDRs to make one image.  These cut and pasted images don't really represent what the discs look like in person.

Each page also has a guide that shows how to tell a real CD from a potential fake.  (The info presented was based on what I've found while assembling my collection.  It matched my CDs perfectly, so I assume it's accurate.)  You'll see terms like "mirrored" and "etched".  "Mirrored" is a word that describes shiny silver areas of a disc.  "Mirrored" areas don't scan well and appear black in the scans.  "Etched" is a term to describe areas that refract light and look etched (for lack of a better word).


Now, please know that this list is not complete!  You many very well have an official CD or CDR, but one that has been missed by me.  Don't think you've got a fake just because you don't see your release here.  It could be real, but one that has been overlooked!

Please look at these pages as a tool to help you, but please don't view this info as the gospel truth!

So, here we go (click on one of the years below):

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