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  2001 should have been one of Vigotone's finest hours, but sadly, this year was to be Vigotone's last.  A new Smile box set was promised, but it never saw the light of day.  What we did get were a couple of new box sets, and the Spank label made its triumphant return!

2001 continued with more real CDs for the Japanese market.

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The 2000 & 2001 Japanese CDs have reversed matrix numbers, a large "mirrored" area, and "scuff marks" of varying lengths.  These scuff marks may have been caused by the machine that pressed them (probably by some sort of clamp).


Vigotone 235 - 237

Vigotone 238 - 242

CD "Silver" CDR CD "Silver" CDR

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vigotone235-237silvercdrsmall.jpg (7431 bytes)

vigotone238-242cdsmall.jpg (5901 bytes)

vigotone238-242silvercdrsmall.jpg (8294 bytes)

John Lennon

The Beach Boys

Brandy Alexanders and the Wall of Sound

Goodbye Surfing, Hello God

3 disc set; CDs 1 & 2 are reddish orange, while CD 3 is more of a dark pink.

5 disc set   


Vigotone 243

CD "Silver" CDR

vigotone243cdsmall.jpg (5397 bytes)

Jan & Dean

More Music For A Rainy Day

   The final Vigotone release...



Spank 147

Spank 148

CD "Silver" CDR CD "Silver" CDR

spank147cdsmall.jpg (5418 bytes)

spank148cdsmall.jpg (5845 bytes)

spank148silvercdrsmall.jpg (7913 bytes)

The Beach Boys

The Beatles

Aloha From Hawaii (And Hollywood)

Alf Together Now





Reproman 107 & 108

CD "Silver" CDR

reproman107&108cdsmall.jpg (6250 bytes)

reproman107&108silvercdrsmall.jpg (7149 bytes)

George Harrison

All Things Must Surface

2 disc set


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