2000 saw Vigotone release the biggest box sets in its history.   Jewels & Binoculars and Thirty Days contained over 40 disks between them!  2000 also saw the return of real CDs.  These were created for the Japanese market and were the only way they were released there.

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The 2000 & 2001 Japanese CDs have reversed matrix numbers, a large "mirrored" area, and "scuff marks" of varying lengths.  These scuff marks may have been caused by the machine that pressed them (probably by some sort of clamp).


Vigotone 187 & 188

Vigotone 189 & 190

CDR CDR "Silver" CDR

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Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney

First Time Around

Pizza And Fairy Tales

2 disc set

2 disc set


Vigotone 191

Vigotone 192 - 217


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John Lennon

Bob Dylan


Jewels And Binoculars


26 disc set


Vigotone 218 - 234


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The Beatles

Thirty Days

17 disc set;  CD version only released in Japan.



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