Vigotone was the only label used in 1999.  There weren't as many releases in 1999 as there were in 1998, but that might have been due to Vigotone gearing up for 2000's big box sets!


Vigotone 178 & 179

Vigotone 180

CDR CDR CDR (w/border)

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vigotone180cdrsmall.jpg (5116 bytes)

The Beatles

The Bealtes

Turn Me On Dead Man

Another Sessions...Plus

2 disc set



Vigotone 181

Vigotone 182

CDR "Silver" CDR CDR "Silver" CDR

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vigotone181silvercdrsmall.jpg (6479 bytes)

vigotone182cdrsmall.jpg (5763 bytes)

vigotone182silvercdrsmall.jpg (7824 bytes)

George Harrison

The Beatles

Through Many Years

Get Back - The Glyn Johns Final Compilation




Vigotone 183 & 184

Vigotone 185 & 186


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vigotone185&186cdrsmall.jpg (5306 bytes)

The Beatles

John Lennon

From Kinfauns To Chaos

Imagine... More Session Tapes

2 disc set

2 disc set



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