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1998 saw the return of the Vigotone label.  Pegboy was retired and no new releases on that label were forthcoming.  There were two releases on the Madman label, which were its last.

Mitsui Gold CDRs gave way to Kodak Gold, until Vigotone settled on standard Mitsui CDRs.  (It's hard to know exactly when Vigotone made the switch between the different brands of CDR, but it's likely the Kodak Gold discs started with Vigotone 163 (Heroes & Vibrations) and went until Vigotone 170/171 (We Had Known A Lion). (Madman's Got Any Toothpicks was also a Kodak Gold disc.))

Standard Mitsui CDRs probably made their debut with Vigotone 172/173 (The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection).

There is a rather oddball Vigotone release this year too (as it doesn't follow the typical Vigotone CDR pattern).

Tales From The Who is this odd release.  The first version of it had a printed label.  And for this printed-label version, Vigotone used a CDR for it that it doesn't seem to have used for any other release.  This CDR has no brand name on its inner hub and its data side is dark green.  The inner hub will have a serial/batch number similar to this (but probably not the exact same): 2C801276072A11.

Only the printed label version has this type of disc.  The later release has the usual stamped label on a standard Mitsui CDR.


Vigotone 156 & 157

Vigotone 158 - 160

Gold CDR (w/label) Gold CDR (no label) CDR Gold CDR (w/label) CDR

vigotone158-160cdrsmall.jpg (5686 bytes)

The Rolling Stones

John Lennon

Voodoo Residue

Absolute Elsewhere

2 disc set; gold CDR version was made with and without white paper labels.

3 disc set; the gold CDR version has a white paper label front.


Vigotone 161 & 162


Vigotone 163

Gold CDR (w/label) Gold CDR (no label) CDR Gold CDR CDR

vigotone161&162cdrsmall.jpg (5626 bytes)

vigotone163cdrsmall.jpg (5515 bytes)

Paul McCartney & Wings

The Beach Boys

When It Rains, It Pours

Heroes And Vibrations

2 disc set; the gold CDR version has a white paper label front.



Vigotone 164 & 165

Vigotone 166 & 167


Paul McCartney & Wings

Various Artists

Last Flight

The N.M.E. Poll Winners' Concert 1965

2 disc set

2 disc set


Vigotone 168 & 169

Vigotone 170 & 171

CDR "Silver" CDR Gold CDR CDR

vigotone168&169cdrsmall.jpg (5501 bytes)

vigotone168&169silvercdrsmall.jpg (6793 bytes)

vigotone170&171cdrsmall.jpg (5546 bytes)

Elvis Presley

Bob Dylan

The Unissued Elvis

We Had Known A Lion

2 disc set

2 disc set


Vigotone 172 & 173

Vigotone 174

CDR "Silver" CDR CDR

vigotone172&173cdrsmall.jpg (5360 bytes)

vigotone172&173silvercdrsmall.jpg (7746 bytes)

vigotone174cdrsmall.jpg (5514 bytes)

The Beatles

Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello

The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection

The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration

2 disc set



Vigotone 175 - 177

CDR "Silver" CDR

vigotone175-177cdrsmall.jpg (5416 bytes)

John Lennon

Listen To This...

3 disc set



Madman 72

Madman 98


madman72cdrsmall.jpg (5654 bytes)

madman98cdrsmall.jpg (5460 bytes)


Bob Dylan

Got Any Toothpicks?

Sweet Marie




Classics Revisited

Classics Revisted 1001

CDR (w/printed label) CDR (regular)

cr1001cdrsmall.jpg (6781 bytes)

The Who

Tales From The Who

This title was released two ways: one had a printed label, the other had a stenciled one.


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