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  1996 was a year of firsts (and lasts).  This was the first year of the Pegboy label.  Pegboy replaced Vigotone for two years as the premier Vigo-label.  1996 also ushered in another new label: Madman.

1996 was also the final year for standard CDs.  Beginning in 1997, all releases (and subsequent re-issues) were to be on CDR.

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Since Vigotone continued to laminate labels onto the discs (making the matrix number unreadable from the front), in 1996 the matrix numbers were reversed, making them appear "normal" from the back of the disc.  Apart from the reversed matrix number, the discs themselves look like the ones used in 1994 & 1995.


Vigotone 152 to 155


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CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Rolling Stones

Voodoo Stew

4 disc set - The CDs have different images of vintage dirty pictures...  The colors are:
Disc 1 - Orange & Red
Disc 2 - Orange & Blue
Disk 3 - Orange & Black
Disc 4 - Orange & Green



Pegboy 1001

CD (yellow) CD (white) Gold CDR

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pegboy1001whitecdsmall.jpg (9697 bytes)

pegboy1001cdrsmall.jpg (5518 bytes)

John Lennon

Free As A Bird - The Dakota Beatle Demos

   Note: The white CD version is prone to "frosting".
A regular (not gold) CDR version also exists.


Pegboy 1002

Yellow CD Green-Yellow CD Gold CDR CDR "Silver" CDR

pegboy1002cdsmall.jpg (8130 bytes)

pegboy1002cdrsmall.jpg (5635 bytes)

pegboy1002silvercdrsmall.jpg (8051 bytes)

Paul McCartney

Cold Cuts



Pegboy 1003

Pegboy 1004


pegboy1003cdsmall.jpg (3438 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

pegboy1004cdsmall.jpg (9349 bytes)

pegboy1004cdrsmall.jpg (5352 bytes)

Van Morrison

Ringo Starr

Gypsy Soul: Lost Demos From A Classic

Can't Fight Lightning




Pegboy 1005

CD CDR "Silver" CDR

pegboy1005cdsmall.jpg (7049 bytes)

pegboy1005cdrsmall.jpg (5343 bytes)

pegboy1005silvercdrsmall.jpg (6281 bytes)

George Harrison

Somewhere In England




Madman 13 & 14

Madman 41


madman13&14cdsmall.jpg (4954 bytes)

madman41cdsmall.jpg (5267 bytes)

CDR version not known to be released officially by Vigotone.

The Beatals (The Beatles)



Had It All

2 disc set - The CDs have similar images.
The colors are:
Disc 1 - Orange & Yellow
Disc 2 - Green & Purple



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