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  1995 was a pretty good year for Vigotone.  Three special box sets were released on the Vigotone label and Spank saw its share of interesting releases.   Spank was "retired" after this year for six years, returning for a couple of cool releases in 2001.  This year also saw the Vigotone reissue of two titles that were originally on the Howdy! label.  And, Slick-O made a one-time comeback!

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The 1995 discs are basically the same as 1994 discs, but Vigotone started to laminate labels onto them.  These laminated labels covered the entire disc, hiding the matrix numbers.  The matrix numbers could still be seen on the rear of the disc (where they'd appear backwards).


Vigotone 134 - 137

Vigotone 138 - 145

CD CDR "Silver" CDR CD (Yellow version) CD (White version) CDR

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vigotone138-145cdsmall.jpg (8280 bytes)

Buddy Holly

The Beatles

What You Been A-Missin'

The Get Back Journals II

4 disc set

8 disc set - Note: there are both yellow CDs and white CDs.  Some sets may have all the same color discs or some of each color.
 There is also a Gold CDR version.


Vigotone 146

Vigotone 147 - 150


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vigotone146silvercdrsmall.jpg (7765 bytes)

vigotone147-150cdsmall.jpg (4601 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

George Harrison

The Rolling Stones

Pirate Songs

Voodoo Brew


4 disc set - The CDs have the same images, but:
Disc 1 - Red;    Disc 2 - Yellow
Disc 3 - Dark Blue;     Disc 4 - Green


Vigotone 151


vigotone151cdsmall.jpg (6821 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

Brian Wilson

21 Little Ones




Spank 140 - 142


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The Beach Boys
Leggo My Ego

3 disc set - The CDs have the same images, but:
Disc 1 - Green;    Disc 2 - Blue
Disc 3 - Red


Spank 143 & 144

CD CDR (Style 1) CDR (Style 2) CDR (Style 3)

spank143&144cdsmall.jpg (5384 bytes)

The Beach Boys

Capitol Punishment

2 disc set - The CDs have the same images, but:
Disc 1 - Yellow & RedDisc 2 - Green & Blue.
There are at 3 known CDR styles


Spank 145

Spank 146


spank145cdsmall.jpg (6482 bytes)

spank145cdrsmall.jpg (5337 bytes)

spank146cdsmall.jpg (8624 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Beatles

The Iveys (Badfinger)

Atlanta * Munich * Seattle

Someday We'll Be Known





Slick-O 1 A/B


CDR version is not known to have been released officially by Vigotone.

Sweet Adelaide

2 disc set


Vigotone "Early-style" reissues

Vigotone appears to have reissued two titles that were originally released in 1991 on the Howdy label.  These two releases have 1995 copyrights on them, yet they have the 1996 disc style (backwards matrix numbers).  Unlike the 1990 "early Vigotone" releases, these CDs have clear inner areas.  Also, the matrix numbers on these CDs match the catalog numbers (something none of the 1990 releases can claim).




John Lennon

John Lennon

Dreaming Of The Past

My Love Will Turn You On





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