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  1994 saw more high-quality releases on both the Vigotone & Spank labels.  Slick-O seems to have been retired by this point.  In 1994, Vigotone also took over distribution of the Bag Records label.  Unlike the titles in 1993, the 1994 releases saw a variety of label designs. 

1994 - 95 guidelines.jpg (30276 bytes)

In 1994, Vigotone's CDs took on a new look.  Besides the advent of color (all 1993 discs were B&W only), the 1994 - 1996 CDs got a new look to the inner area.  The reversed matrix number was gone, and the inner "mirrored" area ran from the matrix number to the clear plastic in the middle.  There was no longer an "etched" ring inside the mirrored area.

The 1994 discs resemble the 1995 discs.  But in 1995, Vigotone started laminating labels onto their CDs, so the matrix number would become only visible from the rear.  In 1996, the same style discs were used, but the matrix numbers were reversed again, making them easier to read from the rear of the disc.

Also, it seems that there were some 1994 releases were made without the "Made In Australia" notation.  Even still, these are authentic Vigotones, not fakes.

(For info on the 1994 "fuzzy" fakes, scroll to the bottom of the page.)


Vigotone 116

CD (normal "M.I.A.") CD (reversed "M.I.A.") CD (no "M.I.A") Gold CDR CDR

vigotone116cdsmall.jpg (5582 bytes)

vigotone116nologocdsmall.jpg (5482 bytes)

vigotone116cdrsmall.jpg (5346 bytes)

The Beatles

No. 3 Abbey Road N.W. 8

Note: There are three versions of the CD.  Two have the "Made In Australia" notation and date (one has them normal, the other has them reversed).  The third variation version doesn't have the "M.I.A." notation nor date.


Vigotone 117

CD Black no "CD logo" Black no "M.I.A"CD Red no "M.I.A"CD Gold CDR CDR

vigotone117cdsmall.jpg (6040 bytes)

vigotone117blacknologocdsmall.jpg (5800 bytes)

vigotone117rednologocdsmall.jpg (7067 bytes)

vigotone117cdrsmall.jpg (5903 bytes)

The Beatles


Note: There are different CD versions of this title.  One variation has the "Made In Australia" notation and date.  There are also two known versions (black writing or red) without the M.I.A notation & date (the "Compact Disc" logo is also missing on these!).  There is also a version with the M.I.A. notation, but without the "Compact Disc" logo.


Vigotone 118 - 120

Vigotone 121

CD Gold CDR CDR "Silver CDR" CD (style 1) CD (style 2) CDR

vigotone118-120cdsmall.jpg (5222 bytes)

vigotone121cdsmall.jpg (5101 bytes)

cdr image na.jpg (9991 bytes)

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Imagine...All The Outtakes

Good Times Comin'

3 disc set - The CDs have the same images, but:
Disc 1 - Blue  Disc 2 - Red  Disc 3 - Purple

Note: Discs that don't match the above color chart exist.

There are at least two different CD styles.  The first has the "Made In Australia" notation over the Vigotone logo, and the "compact disc" notation under it.  The alternate version has the "Made In Australia" notation at the bottom of the CD.  The colors also differ.


Vigotone 122

CD CD (no "M.I.A") Gold CDR (w/logo)

vigotone122cdsmall.jpg (5520 bytes)

vigotone122nologocdsmall.jpg (6427 bytes)

vigotone122logocdrsmall.jpg (5777 bytes)

The Beatles

As Nature Intended

Note: There are two versions of the CD.  One has the "Made In Australia" notation and date.  The other version has neither.  There is also a regular CDR version without the logo.


Vigotone 123

CD (VIGO-123)(1994) CD (VT-123)(1996) CDR

vigotone123cdrsmall.jpg (5482 bytes)

The Beatles

March 5, 1963 plus The Decca Tape

Note: there are two CD versions.  The first (released in 1994) has the matrix "VIGO-123".  The later version (released in 1996) has "VT-123" as its matrix number.


Vigotone 124

Vigotone 125


vigotone124cdsmall.jpg (5553 bytes)

vigotone124cdrsmall.jpg (5505 bytes)

vigotone125cdsmall.jpg (5455 bytes)

Simon & Garfunkel

Brian Wilson

Voices of Intelligent Dissent

Come Back, Brian!




Vigotone 126 & 127

Vigotone 132

CD CDR Green & Black CD Aqua & Black CD Yellow & Black CD CDR

vigotone132cdsmall.jpg (6057 bytes)

The Grateful Dead

The Beatles

Daybreak On The Land

The Lost Pepperland Reel

2 disc set - The CDs have the same images, but:
Disc 1 - Purple   Disc 2 - Yellow



Vigotone 133


vigotone133cdsmall.jpg (5812 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Beach Boys

Lei'd in Hawaii Rehearsal




Spank 105

Spank 106

CD CDR CD (w/M.I.A) CD (no date) CD (no M.I.A) CDR

spank105cdsmall.jpg (5532 bytes)

spank106cdrsmall.jpg (5283 bytes)

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Thin Wild Mercury Music

The Dylan/Cash Sessions


There are CDs with and without the "M.I.A." notation & year.


Spank 107

Spank 108


spank107cdsmall.jpg (5353 bytes)

cdr image na.jpg (9991 bytes)

spank108cdsmall.jpg (5462 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

Bob Dylan

The Beach Boys

Peco's Blues

Mike Love, Not War




Spank 109

Spank 110

CD CDR "Silver" CDR CD Variation 1 CD Variation 2 CDR

spank109cdsmall.jpg (5819 bytes)

spank110cdsmall.jpg (6867 bytes)

spank110bluecdsmall.jpg (6653 bytes)

The Beatles

The Beatles

Shea! / Candlestick Park

In Case You Don't Know...


  Note: There are 2 CD color variations...   



Bag 5120/3/4 A/B


bag510234abcdsmall.jpg (5414 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

John Lennon

The Lost Lennon Tapes 30/31/32

      2 disc set




CD "Silver" CDR

Tori Amos

Y Kant Tori Read



1994 "Fuzzy" Fakes

Most of the 1994 releases were knocked off by someone and sold as original Vigotones.  Since the artwork was merely copied from the Vigotone CDs, the printing on the fakes is quite fuzzy.  The discs themselves also differ, so by using this guide you should now be able to avoid the "fuzz"!

1994 fakes.jpg (34762 bytes)

The fakes have an "etched" band inside the mirrored band, a backward matrix number, and tend to look like the 1993 releases.  (They are lacking the asterisk!).  The fakes also have a disclaimer running around the outer edge that real Vigotones don't.

I've seen "fuzzy" fakes for these titles, but I'm sure more could exist:
Good Times Comin'
March 5, 1963
Come Back, Brian!
Daybreak On The Land
Lei'd In Hawaii Rehearsal
Peco's Blues
Mike Love, Not War
Shea! / Candlestick Park
In Case You Don't Know...
Lost Lennon Tapes 30/31/32

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