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Now, we fast forward from 1990 to 1993.  This is where the later or "classic" Vigotone titles start.   This batch of titles share similar label designs, which is how you can see that Slick-O was clearly a Vigotone subsidiary.  Not all of these were re-issued by Vigotone on CDR.

From Vigotone 100 on, all titles say "Made In Australia" on them.   But, both Arrive Without Aging and Back-Track Part Three have "Made in Taiwan" as part of their matrix numbers.  We've discovered that Vigotone was making their discs in Taiwan before they switched to the Australian numbering system.  (Collectors' note: couterfeit Arrive Without Aging CDs were also made in Taiwan and the discs look identical to the real ones.  You can tell a counterfeit by the packaging.  The original is very sharp and clear, while the fake looks quite fuzzy.


1993 guidelines (taiwan).jpg (35364 bytes)

The two releases with "Made In Taiwan" discs should resemble this.  Be aware that fakes of Arrive Without Aging were also made in Taiwan and look identical to this.  The only way to tell them apart is the packaging.   The fakes have very fuzzy printing.


1993 guidelines.jpg (38303 bytes)

The 1993 "Made In Australia" releases will look like this.   Notice the asterisk next to the backwards matrix number.  1993 releases are also distinguished by the "mirrored" band just outside of the matrix number.   The inner area is clear plastic.




Vigotone 6869

CD CDR CD (1993) CD (1996 reissue) CDR (1997 & later)

bt6368-3cdsmall.jpg (5409 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

vigotone06869cdsmall.jpg (5464 bytes)

The Beatles

The Beatles

Back Track Part Three

Arrive Without Aging

Both this title and the next one were made in Taiwan.

The original CD was Made in Taiwan (w/26 tracks).  The 1996 (Made in Australia) reissue only had 25 tracks due to a snafu at the factory.  The CDR version was back to having 26 tracks.


Vigotone 100


vigotone100cdsmall.jpg (5685 bytes)

vigotone100cdrsmall.jpg (5348 bytes)

The Beatles

1968 Demos

   Vigotone CDRs for this title can be found in Howdy! packaging....!  A regular (not gold) CDR also exists.


Vigotone 101 - 108

CD (1993 original) CD (1994 reissue) CD (1995 reissue) CDR

vigotone101-108cdsmall.jpg (6441 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Beatles

The Get Back Journals

8 disc set - This set was reissued twice by Vigotone, but it was never released on CDR.  The matrix numbers on the 1994 & 1995 releases are identical (V-101, V-102, etc.).


Vigotone 109

Vigotone 110 & 111


vigotone109cdsmall.jpg (5895 bytes)

vigotone109cdrsmall.jpg (5664 bytes)

vigotone110-111cdsmall.jpg (6295 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Beatles

The Beach Boys

Posters, Incense, And Strobe Candles



2 disc set


Vigotone 112

Vigotone 115

CD CDR CD (1993 original) CD (1996 reissue) CDR

vigotone112cdsmall.jpg (6000 bytes)

vigotone112cdrsmall.jpg (5510 bytes)

vigotone115cdsmall.jpg (5640 bytes)

Brian Wilson

Bob Dylan

Sweet Insanity

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes





Slick-O 100-200


slicko100-200discsmall.jpg (5836 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

Paul McCartney

Destroys Anaheim

2 disc set



Spank 102


spank102cdsmall.jpg (5818 bytes)

Bob Dylan
7 Years Of Bad Luck



Spank 103

Spank 104

CD (original) CD (1994 reissue) CDR CD CDR

spank103cdsmall.jpg (5548 bytes)

spank103cdrsmall.jpg (5280 bytes)

spank104cdsmall.jpg (5324 bytes)

CDR version was not released officially by Vigotone.

The Beatles

The Beatles


The Peter Sellers Tape

   Note: the matrix number on this is "SP104".

   Note: the matrix number on this is "SP103".


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