Promotional Brochures

Like any good record company, Vigotone produced promotional material to advertise its releases.  These promotional flyers were given to dealers, yet not made available to the general public.



VT-132, 133, SP-109, 110

Version 1 Version 2

earlyvigspank brochure small.jpg (5063 bytes)

1994 brochure small.jpg (5849 bytes)

The Beatles / The Beach Boys

1994 Releases



Vigotone 134 - 137

VT-138, 146, 147, 151 etc.

Slick-O 1A/B

Front Front Front

holly brochure small.jpg (7879 bytes)

august 1995 brochure small.jpg (7154 bytes)

Buddy Holly

various artists


What You Been A-Missin'

August 1995 releases

Sweet Adelaide



Vigotone 152 - 155

Pegboy 1001 / Pegboy 1002

MM13/14,PB1003,1004, 1005

Front Front Front

no brochure.jpg (7768 bytes)

The Rolling Stones

Lennon / McCartney

various artists

Voodoo Stew

Free As A Bird /
Cold Cuts

June 1996 releases



Pegboy 1006 / Pegboy 1007

Pegboy 1008 / Pegboy 1009

CD-555-16 / Bag 5105/6/7

Front Front Front

John Lennon/George Harrison

The Beatles / The Beach Boys

The Grateful Dead / Lennon

The Dream Is Over /
12 Arnold Grove

It's Not Too Bad /
Landlocked / Adult Child

Coupla' Shots Of Whisky /
Lost Lennon Vol. 33/34/35



Vigotone 156 & 157

Vigotone 158 - 160

Vigotone 161 - 162

Front Front Front

The Rolling Stones

John Lennon

Paul McCartney and Wings

Voodoo Residue

Absolute Elsewhere

When It Rains, It Pours


Vigotone 163

Vigotone 164 - 165

Vigotone 166 - 167

Front Front Front

The Beach Boys

Paul McCartney and Wings

various artists

Heroes and Vibrations

Last Flight

1965 NME Pollwinners


Vigotone 168 - 169

Vigotone 170 - 171

Vigotone 172 & 173

Front Front Front

Elvis Presley

Bob Dylan

The Beatles

Unissued Elvis

We Had Known A Lion

The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection


Vigotone 174

Vigotone 175 - 177

Front Front

McCartney & MacManus

John Lennon

McCartney & Costello

Listen To This...


Madman 72

Madman 98

Classics Revisited 1001

Front Front Front


Bob Dylan

The Who

Got Any Toothpicks?

Sweet Marie

Tales From The Who



Vigotone 178 & 179

Vigotone 180

Vigotone 181

Front Front Front

The Beatles

The Beatles

George Harrison
Turn Me On Dead Man

Another Sessions...Plus

Through Many Years


Vigotone 182

Vigotone 183 - 184

Vigotone 185 -186

Front Front Front

The Beatles

The Beatles

John Lennon

Get Back - The Glyn Johns Final Compilation

From Kinfauns....To Chaos

Imagine...More Sessions



Vigotone 187 - 188

Vigotone 189 - 190

Vigotone 191

Front Front Front

lennon compositions brochure small.jpg (6025 bytes)

Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney

John Lennon

First Time Around

Pizza and Fairytales



Vigotone 192 -217

Vigotone 218 - 234

Front Back Front

jewels binoculars brochure 1 small.jpg (6085 bytes)

jewels binoculars brochure 2 small.jpg (5648 bytes)

Bob Dylan

The Beatles

Jewels & Binoculars

Thirty Days



Vigotone 235 - 237

Vigotone 238 - 242

Front Front Back

John Lennon

The Beach Boys

Brandy Alexanders and the Wall of Sound

Goodbye Surfing, Hello God


Original Dealer Order Forms

March 2000

September 2000

March 2001







These are examples of original Vigotone order forms (from 2000 & 2001).  These are the CD titles that were available at that time.  (In addition to the "true" Vigotone sub-labels, you'll also see titles on the "Condor" and "TMQ" labels.  These are not Vigotone labels.  These were just a few titles merely being sold by Vigotone...)  (Also, these were put up just so you can see what original Vigotone order forms looked like.  They are NO LONGER valid!!  Please don't try to order anything from them!)

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