The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 30/31/32

John Lennon




Bag 5102/3/4A/B




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Jewel Case Insert:

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- Liner Notes by the folks at Vigotone (reproduced below)


Bag 5102/3/4A - 23 Tracks - Total Time: 68:05

Bag 5102/3/4B - 20 Tracks - Total Time: 66:51

1. It's Not Too Bad   (3:29) 1. Tennessee   (3:04)
2. She Can Talk To Me   (0:46) 2. Memories   (6:03)
3. Cry Baby Cry   (3:23) 3. Sally And Billy   (3:28)
4. Two Virgins Outtake   (1:47) 4. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's   (3:55)
5. Plastic Ono Band Jam   (1:39) 5. The Boat Song   (2:08)
6. Look At Me   (2:52) 6. Pedro The Fisherman   (1:04)
7. I'm The Greatest   (0:37) 7. Many Rivers To Cross Pt. 2 / My Girl   (2:24)
8. How? / Child Of Nature / Oh Yoko!   (4:25) 8. Instrumental 1979   (1:02)
9. Oh Yoko!   (3:23) 9. I'm Stepping Out   (1:29)
10.  Sally And Billy   (2:03) 10. Dear Yoko   (5:04)
11. Come Together   (1:47) 11. Woman   (4:26)
12. Happy Girl   (1:10) 12. Woman   (1:540
13. I'll Make You Happy   (3:56) 13. Woman   (2:13)
14. How Do You Sleep?   (3:45) 14. Clean Up Time   (6:01)
15. It's So Hard   (4:44) 15. Nobody Told Me   (3:51)
16. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier I Don't Wanna Die    (4:34) 16. I Am The Walrus / Watching The Wheels   (4:01)
17. Intuition   (3:04) 17. Woman   (2:26)
18. I Know   (3:00) 18. Woman   (3:39)
19. I Know   (3:43) 19. Living On Borrowed Time   (4:20)
20. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)   (4:00) 20. I'm Losing You   (3:54)
21. Steel And Glass   (1:44)
22. Walls And Bridges Rundown   (1:56)
23. Mirror Mirror On The Wall   (4:34)


Liner Notes:

Disc one opens with a set of demos recorded in Spain in late 1966.  These embryonic versions of Strawberry Fields were known at the time as It's Not Too Bad.  Next, is an early piano demo of Hey Bulldog called at this early stage She Can Talk To Me.  The track Cry Baby Cry is comprised of early piano and electric guitar demo fragments.  From May 1968 Two Virgins outtakes, we hear John and Yoko playing around in his Surrey home studio.  Next, is a sendup of fifties rockabilly, called by us, a Plastic Ono Band Jam.  From the sessions of the album of the same name, comes Look At Me, with alternate vocals.  Next are four piano demos recorded in December 1970: I'm The Greatest, a medley of How?/Child Of Nature, Oh Yoko!, Oh Yoko, and Sally And BillySally And Billy is a song he would return to six years later.  That 1976 version is heard on disc two.  Come Together is from the August 1972 One To One rehearsals.  From just before the Mind Games era, we have call and response songs, an idea that John and Yoko would return to in 1980 for Double Fantasy.  These are Yoko's Happy Girl, and John's I'll Make You Happy (which includes some lyrics borrowed from Cold Turkey).  At this point we go back a couple of years to the Imagine sessions of July 1971.  How Do You Sleep? is a session rehearsal, while It's So Hard and I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier I Don't Wanna Die are run-throughs from the King Curtis sax overdub sessions in New York.  Two demos for the Mind Games LP are next, Intuition is take four of a series of piano demos. I Know is take two of a series of guitar demos, and this is followed by an alternate mix of the finished song.  Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) is a near-final mix, but with great dual lead guitar work near the end.  An early demo from the Walls And Bridges era follows, a dark, piano version of Steel And Glass, featuring extra lyrics.  To promote Walls And Bridges, John called a Canadian radio station and gave them a rundown of the album's contents.  Closing disc one of this set, from the fall of 1977, is take two of the piano demos for Mirror Mirror On The Wall.

Disc two leads off with three home demos from 1976, the beginning of John's house-husband years, Tennessee, Memories, and Sally And BillyMemories has John recording guitar over an earlier piano demo.  She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's, New York slang for lesbians, dates from 1977 and is a very polished song compared to many of John's home demos.  John explores a nautical theme in the next three demos, The Boat Song, Pedro The Fisherman, and Many Rivers To CrossMany Rivers To Cross ends with John doodling on the old Motown song My Girl.   Next up is an instrumental from the Great Wok himself recorded sometime in 1979.   On August 6, 1980, the recording of Double Fantasy LP began with tuning up and this incomplete take of I'm Stepping OutDear Yoko is another incomplete take, this one interrupted by John breaking a string on his guitar. Woman is presented next in three stages of development.  First we hear the song in rehearsal stage followed by John recording his vocals.  The last version has John doing the finishing touch, adding the whispered intro.  Clean Up Time is a rehearsal and is followed by the unlisted studio doodle, Let's Get Peculiar.   More recordings from August 1980 follow.  John and the band run-through a different take of the song destined for the Milk And Honey LP, Nobody Told Me.  Next is a rehearsal take of Watching The Wheels, preceded by a brief parody of I Am The Walrus.  This instrumental version of Woman is a guitar overdub and it was often used in the series as background music.  Next is an alternate take with interesting backing vocals.   Another song which didn't surface until Milk And Honey is Borrowed Time, represented here by an early take.  Closing this disc is an alternate take of I'm Losing You followed by some session studio talk.  Hope you enjoyed this trek through the Lost Lennon archives.


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